Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank you

Was just fortunate I am that I get to work with all of the clients that I do!!! Very blessed. Thank you.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Check out the Surtex video-featuring Mary Beth Freet

So many exciting things happening today! Just learned I am in the Surtex video on their main site in the upper right under "Surtex Buzz"! Check it out here!

ABC Kids Expo-Louisville 2011

It was a ways to travel, but I'm glad I was able to stop by and walk the ABC kids show in Louisville. There are so many great ideas out there for FUN kids products!!! My favorites:

1/ Oopsy Daisy: I was so excited to meet the owner of Oopsy Daisy (Fine art for kids) today. She is very kind and passionate about her products! Pink Light is soon to be one of their licensors, so I'm VERY excited about that! Stay tuned! Also, I saw some of Jessica Swift's amazing artwork for Oopsy Daisy! Check it out here! They are even MORE gorgeous in person. You can see all the paint texture and details. Lovely!

2/ Dwell: Love! They are taking over the world! ;) Great brand. They keep consistent with their designs and remain on top even when everyone else is trying to do the same look. I love that they're alway's a step ahead.

3/ Roommates: Gotta love this one! Roommates is a Pink Light Licensee! Shown here is just one of many of our new products with Roommates! My flowers were the focus of their booth! Their sales staff was so kind! They snapped a photo of me with the product and it will be on their facebook page soon. Check it out here.

4/ PetitNest: I was star struck again today! Met Tiffany Amber Thiessen at her booth for her line of baby furniture. Check it out here. Hopefully she'll keep my card around and call for our design services! Would love to do prints for baby bedding!

5/ Another favorite part of the show is that I saw a few different prints of mine in different booths, as well as one of my favorite artist's, Josephine Kimberling's prints! Seems like many children's wear and baby bag manufacturer's are using our open line designs on their products. Pretty cool to see!!

Overall take away is that I can't wait to launch Pink Light product in 2013! I'm going to wait until the show is back in Vegas as I understand it was a very well attended show. Pink Light will definitely be able to stand out in the crowd. So now all I need is the courage to manufacture. One step at a time...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HD Boutique Standouts!

I have been obsessed with chairs for the past few months and now I'm officially hooked after seeing these amazing works of art at HD Boutique in Miami!

above: "Flora" by Papatya

above: from Cafe Janus collection by JANUS et Cie

above: "Caprice" by Lowenstein

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Comforting Thoughts

I was just reflecting a bit on how unimaginably ungrounded my life has been this past year. Then, I remembered a phrase I've heard which goes a little something like this:

In order for the universe to manifest new, and more magnificence in your life, you must be willing to get a little uncomfortable. Or sometimes, VERY uncomfortable. Step into the unknown. Things may shake up a bit, but eventually they will settle down and you will be in your new glorious place. Thank goodness. Now for some peace, quiet, meditation, and drawing while the sun shines in my window. That is comforting to me.