Friday, February 25, 2011

Balloon designs for Conver

I just received the below images of some of our fun balloon designs for Conver. They are a balloon manufacturer and it's always fun to work on their product. They were one of my first clients at Surtex. Big thanks to the Conver team!

Above design by Andrea Jasid

Above designs by "Lola"

Above designs by Mary Beth Freet.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pattern People E Book-Available Now!

The Pattern People e-book is available now! It's titled "Pattern and Beyond". I had a moment to quickly scan the contents and it is EXTREMELY informative for designers as well as easy to read and understand! I look forward to reading it thoroughly this weekend. Check it out here!

Two of my patterns are featured in the book, as well as many designs by Diana Skylacos, one of our artists. I also noticed friend and colleague Rebekah Ginda featured as well. Enjoy!

Damask pattern on lower left is designed by Mary Beth Freet, soon to be seen in stores on paper plates, napkins, gift bags, gift wrap and paper hankies for Design Design. Stay tuned for product pix!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pink Happy Thought for the week

Be patient. Do not be anxious. Just as nature takes it's time to grow beautiful plants and fruits...nature also takes time to manifest your dreams.

Do you know that it takes 23 months to grown ONE pineapple in Hawaii? Think about that...but delicious when it's ripe!

Jet Pink: Portland-The Nines hotel

If you're heading to Portland--stay at The Nines hotel! These pix are from the website. I didn't even have a chance to snap pix but the hallways and rugs, etc. are so beautiful! I had just been told about this awesome find by a friend and luckily-we flew out of Portland to Hawaii so it worked out perfectly! Enjoy!

Jet Pink: Waikiki

Traveled to Hawaii for a bit of r and r. I'm now invigorated and inspired to gear up for Surtex! A few of my fav inspiration pix. Enjoy!

Kenzo-Resort 2011

Loving these new looks from Kenzo for Resort 2011. A few of the trends highlighted are color blocking, botanical prints, hot pink, and chartreuse!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

House Beautiful and The Power of Pink!

I was so excited to see the latest cover of House Beautiful! It's all about PINK! Click here to check out their promo video about pink! They even show a pink lightbulb (as above)! LOVE IT!!! Go Pink!

Pink Happy Thought for the week

I was recently listening to an inspirational cd and there was an interesting goes something like this...

There was a man who wanted desperately to go on a cruise. He saved up enough money and bought his ticket. He brought with him a suitcase of cheese and crackers. Each day, when all of the others went to the BIG, BEAUTIFUL, banquet hall for dinner, he sat outside the banquet hall and ate his cheese and crackers. This went on night after night. Then, one evening a kind man asked the man eating the cheese and crackers, "Sir, why don't you come join us in the banquet hall for a lovely meal?" The man replied, "I only had enough money to buy the cruise ticket, I cannot afford to purchase expensive meals each night". The kind man was shocked. "Well, sir, he said, don't you know, that the MEALS are INCLUDED in the price of your ticket?"

There's another story that I have also heard with a similar message. It is about another man who is on a cruise and he walks in late to the banquet. He sits down at the table and notices that all of the other people are eating their delicious meals. He waits and waits at his table and no one comes up to help him. He gets frustrated and finally asks when he can get his meal. The worker replies "You can serve yourself". It is a beautiful buffet of all sorts of delicious food and the man simply needed to get up, and get it himself.

Life is lovely and beautiful and full of wonder. Take your ideas, your creativity and your dreams, and make them happen for yourself. No one else will make your dreams come true...except you! :)

Check out my interview with Louise Gale!

Big thanks to Louise for the great interview! Check it out on Louise's blog, "Dream, Inspire, Create".

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dream, Inspire, and Create, with Louise Gale

I'm super excited about Louise Gale's "Inspire Me" Interview Series. She posed a number of questions to me a few weeks back and her wonderful interview will be posted Tues, Feb. 8th. I hope you will check it out! Please check out Louise Gale's lovely and inspiring blog here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CHA January 2011 Designer's Showcase

I am so glad that I decided to do CHA again this year. Above is a pix of the "Designer's Showcase" where we had an opportunity to display products that have our designs on them. I look forward to being back in Anaheim next year and having a table full of all our artists designs!

CHA is a fun show full of possibilities and a happy atmosphere! Big thanks to everyone who worked so hard on putting together the licensing and design section. I had a great time meeting up with my bff Miss Khristian Howell and Jim was THE BEST! I've convinced him to come to Surtex with us in May.

Angela Nickeas and Jane Dixon-Wall Decor for Momenta

design above by Angela Nickeas
Design above by Angela Nickeas. Also part of the "Chloe's Garden" collection. Coordinating scrapbook papers to be launched soon!
above and below designs by Jane Dixon
I was also really excited to see our first designs for wall decals with Momenta premiere at CHA! Artist's Angela Nickeas and Jane Dixon both have wall decor designs licensed with Momenta. I was really impressed with the quality of the decals. I will let you know where you can buy them soon!

Kristin Knych's "Kaleidoscope" collection for Momenta

I was so excited to see artist Kristin Knych's "Kaleidoscope" collection premiere with Momenta at the CHA show. They have products such as scrapbook papers, albums, stickers, notecards, and paper packs in Kristin's fun designs! Great work Kristin and big thanks to Momenta for their lovely quality!