Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pattern People E Book-Available Now!

The Pattern People e-book is available now! It's titled "Pattern and Beyond". I had a moment to quickly scan the contents and it is EXTREMELY informative for designers as well as easy to read and understand! I look forward to reading it thoroughly this weekend. Check it out here!

Two of my patterns are featured in the book, as well as many designs by Diana Skylacos, one of our artists. I also noticed friend and colleague Rebekah Ginda featured as well. Enjoy!

Damask pattern on lower left is designed by Mary Beth Freet, soon to be seen in stores on paper plates, napkins, gift bags, gift wrap and paper hankies for Design Design. Stay tuned for product pix!


  1. can't believe they didn't sort free downloads to people in the book - would never pay $15 for an ebook, rather wait for the printed version

  2. Very simplistic, this book is for people who know nothing about surface design. Inconsistently labeled, major terms and processes eliminated (cylinders? repeat sizes? half-drop? croquis?). The "list of agents" is a note to see a website which you can see without paying for the book. I learned more in my first class or two at FIT, in Continuing Ed. What a waste of money!

  3. I'm sorry that you don't find this book by The Pattern people helpful. I'm sure that they would love to hear your feedback so that they can improve if they plan to do another book. Please contact them here:

    Also..maybe you can share this book with a newbie. :)