Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pink Light Design for CHA

Pink Light had the amazing honor of designing the CHA Holiday Card this year! Check it out here. It was VERY FUN!!!

Print and Pattern Post

BIG THANKS to Bowie at Print and Pattern for posting our designers Printsource promos! Thanks to Bowie and the great resource of her design blog, I found such AMAZING ARTIST!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let your Light of Love shine Bright this Holiday Season!

Elissa Hudson for Pink Light at Printsource

Amazing new artist Elissa Hudson will premiere her work for the fashion industry at Printsource in January. I am so excited to have Elissa on the team! Please stop by and check out her fun, whimsical designs! Welcome Elissa!

The PERFECT heel for dancing

I think these gorgeous Kate Spade heels might be my Happy New Year gift to myself! I have the perfect pair of black and white polka dot shoes that remind me of these that are almost shredded because I love them so much! Miss Khristian Howell and I have the same pair and we used to heat up the salsa dance floor in them. They need replacing and we need to dance again! ;)

What will you treat yourself to this Holiday season? GIVE LOTS AND LOTS!!! and then, treat yourself to something special. You deserve it!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jane Dixon for Pink Light at Printsource

We will have lots of vibrant, playful, and gorgeous designs to show from designer Jane Dixon at Printsource! I am so lucky to get to show Jane's beautiful work!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pink Happy Thought for the week

I am reading a new book titled "Success through a positive mental attitude" by Napoleon Hill. It's a great read and I would suggest it for anyone who desires to lead a happy, fulfilling life! I wanted to share with you the 17 success principals extracted from a lifetime of experiences by hundreds of the most successful people our nation has known during the past century. The book dives into how you can change your world and relationships through positive mental attitudes, and so much more!!! I hope you pick it up!

1/ A Positive Mental Attitude
2/ Definiteness of purpose
3/ Going the extra mile
4/ Accurate thinking
5/ Self-discipline
6/ The master mind
7/ Applied faith
8/ A pleasing personality
9/ Personal initiative
10/ Enthusiasm
11/ Controlled attention
12/ Teamwork
13/ Learning from defeat
14/ Creative vision
15/ Budgeting of time and money
16/ Maintaining sound physical and mental health
17/ Using cosmic habit force (universal law)

I'm a slow reader as I have to read a bit and then practice, re read, process, etc, but I have learned that life is definitely a journey and the more we move toward continual growth and development in all aspects of our lives, the more fulfilling and meaningful life becomes. Here's to a successful and happy 2011!!! Best to all!!!

Jane Dixon highlighted by Surtex

Jane Dixon for Pink Light is highlighted in The Marketplace on Surtex website Check it out!!!

Diana Skylacos at Printsource

Pink Light will be showing new designs by artist Diana Skylacos at Printsource! Diana has just developed a number of new great designs! Also, she has recently been licensed to York Wallcoverings for Wallpaper and Wall accessories. It's Pink Light's first wallpaper license so it's VERY exciting! Congrats Diana!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lucy Joy Oldfield at Printsource

Check out Pink Light artist feature on Print and Pattern today! Thanks Bowie! Great work Lucy!