Sunday, January 27, 2013

NYIGF-Day 2-"Meeting Jonathan Adler"

Second day of NYIGF was AMAZING! I LEARNED SO MUCH and met MANY GREAT PEOPLE! Learned a ton more about the business from all of the kind designers and business owners who were willing to share their business stories. I am truly grateful and will indeed pass that great karma on!

At the beginning of the year I asked my artists who their "Dream Clients" for 2013 would be and guess what? I met one of those contacts today! YAY!

All in all it was an awesome day and the best part of all? I met Jonathan Adler! Woo hoo! Was so exciting and he's such a sweetheart!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Had a GREAT learning experience today at NYIGF. I came to this show once before a few years back, but I exhibited so I didn't get a chance to fully walk the show and take it all in. Today started with a trend presentation about how the world of fashion influences home decor. YAY! Keep your eyes peeled for Bohemian Fairytale, Leather, and Futuristic! Colors are still predicting neon with neutrals, primaries and of course gorgeous greens!

After the trend presentation I had a look around the Home Section of the show at Pier 94 and realized that I would absolutely LOVE a home decor makeover! Everything is just SO GORGEOUS! From wall art to furniture to lighting to garden decor, I was pulled in to so many booths to admire the beauty of each piece! YUMMY!

A few of my favorites from the day: (love the unique way that they mix and match pieces, classic yet VERY playful! ) You cannot see much on their site, because you need access, but you can google "design legacy" and choose images to view. Hope this helps! (their jewelry-AMAZE!)

Around 2pm I found myself at a social media seminar learning the in's and out's of facebook, blogging and twitter which I definitely need help with! I love blogging and spending time online but always struggle with finding the time to dedicate each day. The gal giving the seminar had a great idea to manage your time by spending 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes and lunch and 20 minutes later in the day and ACTUALLY SET A TIMER! I love this idea as we all know that an entire morning can pass by when we get caught up on the internet. ;)

The rest of the show doesn't open until tomorrow so I decided to spend the evening trend shopping in Chelsea at The Chelsea Market. Loved it! Check out some fun inspiration below!

Gorgeous book cover designs at Anthropologie!
Gorgeous Home Decor at Anthropologie!
Love the patchwork!

More patchwork in tonal blues! LOVE!

Enjoyed the ambiance of The Chelsea Market!

Finished off the evening with a nice salad at RANA

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Louise Allen's "Meadow Melody" for Wilmington Prints!

Check out Louise Allen's FIRST collection for Wilmington Prints! Super exciting and fun colors! Congrats to Louise! Can't wait to see lots of fun products out of Meadow Melody collection!

Amy Shaw's "Sea Breeze" collection for Wilmington Prints

You can head on over to Hawthorne Threads and check out Amy Shaw's FIRST collection with Wilmington Prints. It's for their Insights line, and it looks AMAZING! Congrats to Amy and thank you to MM Fabs!

Andrea Victoria's "Oh So Jolly" for Wilmington Prints!

I am very excited to see Andrea Victoria's "Oh So Jolly" collection coming to life on fabric for Wilmington Prints! Check it out here! Congrats to Andrea and BIG thanks to the team at MM Fabs! We love working with them! Stay tuned for more of Andrea's AMAZING DESIGNS!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hope to see you at CHA-January 12-15th! BOOTH 1146

This will be our fourth year at the CHA Show in Anaheim! Jim and I always have a GREAT time at this show, meeting up with current and new clients, seeing all of the inspiration in the scrapbooking world, and having a bit of fun in sunny California! We hope to see you there! BOOTH 1146 in the licensing and design section!