Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pink Happy Thought for the week

I was recently listening to an inspirational cd and there was an interesting story...it goes something like this...

There was a man who wanted desperately to go on a cruise. He saved up enough money and bought his ticket. He brought with him a suitcase of cheese and crackers. Each day, when all of the others went to the BIG, BEAUTIFUL, banquet hall for dinner, he sat outside the banquet hall and ate his cheese and crackers. This went on night after night. Then, one evening a kind man asked the man eating the cheese and crackers, "Sir, why don't you come join us in the banquet hall for a lovely meal?" The man replied, "I only had enough money to buy the cruise ticket, I cannot afford to purchase expensive meals each night". The kind man was shocked. "Well, sir, he said, don't you know, that the MEALS are INCLUDED in the price of your ticket?"

There's another story that I have also heard with a similar message. It is about another man who is on a cruise and he walks in late to the banquet. He sits down at the table and notices that all of the other people are eating their delicious meals. He waits and waits at his table and no one comes up to help him. He gets frustrated and finally asks when he can get his meal. The worker replies "You can serve yourself". It is a beautiful buffet of all sorts of delicious food and the man simply needed to get up, and get it himself.

Life is lovely and beautiful and full of wonder. Take your ideas, your creativity and your dreams, and make them happen for yourself. No one else will make your dreams come true...except you! :)

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  1. True, very true and just what I needed to hear today! Thanks