Sunday, May 24, 2009

Surtex--The beginning of a creative journey!

Reporting in to say that Surtex was a huge success! Anything that much fun must be categorized as successful! I had a chance to say hello and share a smile with those in the industry whom I already know and also meet so many more wonderful people who I hope to see at trade shows for years to come!

Thank you to all of you who have helped me along the way!

Thank you to my "silent" business partner who traveled to NY! It meant so much for you to be there.

A huge thank you to my partner who came to help me at Surtex. Looks like we are partners in every sense of the word!

I couldn't have done this without either of you!

Here's to a new journey in the world of creativity!

Quote of the week: "Wake Up, open your eyes and look around you. Opportunity is everywhere."--Ralph Marston
So excited to be in the space! We were one of the first people there! I was surprised to see so many white walls. Just two more days and the space would be filled with so much art, color, and creativity!!!
My partner Carlos and my booth coming by one...the collections were hung....
So happy to see my vision come to life. All the HOURS of measuring and remeasuring have been worth it!!!
The end of set up day 1. It's so hard to get a taxi from this place! But the sun was shining so it's all good!!!

We came back the next day to make sure all the duct tape successfully kept our art on the walls!! Ready for business tomorrow....
First day of the show.
Number one rule I always tell my boys: HAVE FUN!!! I love when I practice what I preach.

Me being true to myself. The best feeling of all!


  1. Congratulations Mary Beth!! I'm so proud of you and excited for you! That took A LOT of hard work, sacrifice, perseverance and courage...and you did it! You're such an inspiration and positive light in this world. Thanks for being such an amazing example of following you passion and creating your best life!

    p.s. :: You look SO gorgeous in your little orange jacket ready for success! Where is it from? I want one! ;)


  2. Congratulations to you Marybeth!!!