Friday, February 19, 2010

Pink Happy Spaces

Generating a few ideas for my new office. Love these looks below! Pink Light may be changing addresses! I will keep you posted! I have come to the realization that Pink Light needs to either shrink or grow...and I'm no shrinking violet!....stay tuned...

I don't think I will be able to paint the outside door, but I will imagine it looks like this every morning when I walk in.
This is the feel that my space will have, minus the clothes. There will be artwork boards up on the walls instead....divided out by trend and theme, of course. And yes...I will have a chandlier.
Love this chair!! Grey with pink would be fabulous!!! Planning to do some vintage shopping tomorrow...then find some fab fabrics at the design center in March.
Love Love Love this table with the glass top!!!

Found these online at Pier 1 Imports. I think I can achieve the look with these and a bit of glass...
This one might need some paint AND glass...
I would love two weeks in this room with some green tea and a few books. Or a massage therapist. Or both...:)
This Madeline Weinrib rug will look fab under my desk. Love!
I'm planning the office to be clean and simple...but If you've ever worked with me, you know it will look something like this...sooner or later...I tend to build piles of magazine, inspiration, fabric, sketches, and post it notes...all around me!

peaceful and elegant...
I just love the soft, sweet, sophistication of this room.
Aerin Lauder above. She represents how I will feel in my new, beautifully decorated, creative, unique, spacious office! I will not wear ball gowns to the office...but...I will have a ball!!!!!

Here's to creative spaces for creative women everywhere!

If you have a dream space that you've been thinking about, collecting ideas for, etc., hang them up around your home where you can see them every day and soon you will be decorating your very own happy space!

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  1. we also love pink.
    happy spaces for happy women.

    we thought you may like this picture of Fufu, a loveable bunny x