Monday, September 20, 2010

Pink Light's new address!

I am SO HAPPY! After weeks of working back and forth from my home office and studio, moving, packing, shopping, designing, and no internet.....We are FINALLY up and running!!! WE HAVE INTERNET IN THE STUDIO and this is my FIRST POST from our new address! So exciting!

Also, I want to share a few pix of our new space. It's still an interior design project in progress (reupholstering, choosing fabrics, etc,), but I'm very happy to have a nice space to design in as my home office was literally BURSTING from the seams. Ahhhh....I feel like I can finally breathe and get back to trends and fun design projects...Thank you to everyone who has been patient during this transition period and who has supported Pink Light in our first year and here's to many more years of working with AMAZING clients on their unique products IN OUR NEW SPACE! I hope when you're in Seattle you will stop by for a cup of tea!

Happy Designing!


  1. What an amazing beautiful, light space! Can but dream of working in a studio that looks like that! I think I recognise the draws though...ikea, no?

  2. LOVE this! I want to work in that studio!

  3. looking lovely! where's the pink door?! x

  4. You visualized it and you created it! It's beautiful. Bravo!