Friday, January 28, 2011

"Free to Be Me" collection for Momenta launches tomorrow at CHA!

"Free to Be Me" design on Momenta's front booth display.
"Free to Be Me" on Momenta's back wall display and me...with my new bangs.
"Free to Be Me" promo bag especially designed for CHA! So cool!

I knew that Momenta would be promoting our "Free to Be Me" collection in their booth, but I had not idea it would be so striking! This collection is used allover their booth walls, on promotional bags and photo brag books, and even on the cover of their catalog! So exciting to see! Also, the actual licensed scrapbook pages are BEAUTIFULLY printed with foils and glitter effects. Stop by booth 2223 to view Momenta's amazing scrapbook pages. ALSO, "Kalaidascope" and "Brea's Room" collections by artist Kristin Knych are launching as well! I will try to get pix of actual product in the next few days. Bigs thanks to Momenta for working so hard to translate our designs onto their product and for the promotion! So fun!!!


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