Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are we LUCKY or what? Our designs licensed to Luck's Cakes!!!

I am THRILLED to see the cover of Luck's Autumn Winter catalog with our "Woodland Whimsy" collection on the front cover! Better yet, designs by Nina Seven and Mary Beth Freet are featured throughout the catalog! Check it out! And make sure to plan ahead for a super whimsical or GROOVY party! 

Above: Our "Woodland Whimsy" collection! Now available for cakes, fabric, and wall art!!! FUN!!! 

Above: More Whimsy! 

Above: Whimsy Owl

Above: Our "Winter Whimsy" collection.  The more whimsy, the better! ;)

Above: Under the Big Top collection by Nina Seven

Above: More circus designs by Nina! So cute! And on trend!!!! I love the popcorn around the edges! 

Above: Groovy "Pattern Pops" collection by Nina Seven! I love Nina's designs mixed with the tie dye! GROOVY!!!

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