Thursday, August 27, 2009

I fell in LOVE 3 times today...

at Nordstrom!!! Aside from the beautiful warmth and sunshine we had in Seattle's what else sparkled!

This lovely boho chic handbag by marc by marc jacobs. The color is a dark reddish-orange. Exquisite. It also has an over the shoulder strap, not seen here and if you lift up the flap (that the label is on) there is a zipper under there. I love it. By the way...I stopped by to check in on my Red Rose Valentino handbag just to see how it was doing and I'M SO OVER IT!!!

These Jimmy Choo shoes actually SPOKE to me. I picked them up and could not help but to embrace them. I was completely taken away by the moment. They are truly stunning!

And last but not least...this new perfume with the beautiful name LOLA. I love it! These best thing of all is that when you touch the flowers on top they move. They are made out of a soft plastic and really draw you in and when they move it is quite delightful.

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