Friday, August 28, 2009

Where will you be in 5 years?

I was at one of my very favorite stores yesterday..Fireworks, and I came across this fantastic book by Compendium Incorporated. The book is filled with great quotes on the spreads as shown below as well as a number of pages to fill in to set goals for your future. Your dreams can come just need to imagine them (preferably in motion), set tangible goals, create movement toward these goals and believe! Enjoy....

BTW...this is my favorite last question to ask when conducting an interview. The answer will speak mountains about a person. I think the best response would be "I will be running your company". LOL!

Grand ones at that!


Let me count the ways....

This is of course my favorite, as I'm full of crazy ideas. As a matter of fact, I just had an idea for a book that I was imagining would be designed similar to this one so this book spoke even louder to me!

Reach for the stars!!!!

I am a dreamer at heart. I have a practice that I learned early this year about writing down your dreams and goals in the morning and in the evening and saying them out loud as well. This practice helped Pink Light come to life! I am grateful!

One important thing about strategizing is that it's great to set intentions and have goals but I find it equally as important to be detached from the outcome, as oftentimes our dreams are realized in a much more creative way than we could have imagined.... Now that's pretty cool!

Listen to your intuition....

"I am grateful to be a channel for this (creative) information-and I am thankful that this is the way I get to make my living". This quote is from the current book that I am reading which I am SO EXCITED about....stay tuned for that tomorrow!!!

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