Sunday, June 24, 2012

Angela Nickeas for Hampton Art

I'm thrilled to announce Angela's "Joyful Garden" collection for Studio G that is available at Walmart stores now! It is part of their Everyday line in the scrapbook aisle! Great work Angela and big thanks to Hampton Art for the fun projects! 


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    1. Thanks for catching that! We must have been in a rush when we typed this post! ;)

  2. Please please please! I must find more! My Walmart has been sold out of this and I have scoured nearby Walmarts only to find similar results. I have managed to track down 11 of the 16 stamps, I had two sets of the papers, I have found 4 of the ? different tapes... I never had a chance at the rest! And I was in Walmart like right after they were released too! Please! Any info besides the ever helpful one from 'Hampton Art' "go to Walmart that's the only place they were released" would be really awesome! (