Friday, June 1, 2012


I want to give a BIG THANKS to everyone who helped make our Surtex 2012 a HUGE SUCCESS! Our artists had AMAZING collections! Jim, Sandy, Taylor and Zachary were there to help every step of the way! From packing suitcases FILLED with paper, to setting up the booth, to making our suite look wonderful for our client meetings (we have a lot of fun stories about this one!-let's just say that we brought our eye for design into our suite and it went from drab to fab!), to keeping me on track with time, to showing artwork all day long, organizing artwork back into our folders, running out for lunch and coffee, for making our clients happy, and for making me smile and laugh the whole time!!! THANK YOU!!!

Above: Set up day one. It was smooth sailing! We have our system down now!! Felt easy and effortless! 

Sandy keeping us organized and stocked. Love it! I can always count on her!!!
Deciding which products to display in our booth! Class Act notebooks? YES!!!

I was thrilled to walk through The National Stationery Show at the end of each day! Above is Hampton Art's booth! I am standing next to THREE Collections designed by Pink Light artists! 

Another fun surprise were the NUMEROUS designs that we have licensed with Design Design!
Above napkins and plates. 
Above "Joyous Happy Merry" by Jane Dixon, and Bubble stripe by me!
Above Center card design by Nina Seven.
Above tree wrap by me! 

Above center card design by Pink Light artist. 
Above center gift bag design by Kristen Knych.
Above image is AMAZING artist Niamh Fitzsimons with me in the booth! Niamh was there to help us and it was a pleasure to meet her! Artist Joy Charde and Linda Birtel also joined us but we were so busy that we didn't have a chance to get pictures! BIG THANKS to all of the artists who came to Surtex to help in the booth!!!
Above are Taylor, Niamh, and Zachary! Couldn't have done it without you!!! 
I love seeing smiling faces in our booth! Taylor was my time manager. She kept me on track. Zach kept me calm with his funny stories and calm attitude.

We made sure to include a lot of fun in our business trip! A lovely evening in Times Square where we celebrated and met up with clients!

I am already looking forward to next Surtex! We had such a great time meeting with old and new clients! I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work for such amazing companies and I would not trade it for anything. Thank you!!! 

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