Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday's Woman: Rupa Wickrama: A Savvy Business woman who is WORKING IT!

Rupa Wickrama is President and Founder of Saky Sacks. Rupa founded Saky Sacks in 2009 when she recognized the need for a shopping bag that was both fashion forward and environmentally friendly. Rupa is responsible for all aspects of the business, from design conception to managing production and sales.

Based in Redmond, Washington, Rupa works with local businesses, artists and entrepreneurs to create the Saky Sacks collection. With her long and successful career in the international fashion industry, Rupa gained experience in design, product development, marketing, operations and sales, all of which she brings to the Saky Sacks brand.

Rupa currently lives in Redmond, Washington with her husband Upali Wickrama. Her love for traveling around the world has allowed her to pursue her interest in tribal textiles and rugs, and expand her collection, many of which inspire the Saky Sacks prints.

When asked about the top 5 things that make Rupa happiest in life and business, she replied: "I am so grateful for:"

1) My family and friends

2) To be in a place where I have the freedom and independence that comes with being able to do what I love.

3) The challenges that life throws at me every day and the wonderful experiences these entail; I never stop growing and learning!

4) Working with creative people who inspire me to be my best.

5) Being able to make a difference; to my community, my customers, the causes that resonate with me.

Thanks to Rupa to inspiring us all to follow our passion!

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