Saturday, April 4, 2009

Surtex and Pink Light Design

In December I decided to start my own design studio and show at Surtex in May! I wasn't sure how to pull this all together in five months, but Wow! The months have flown by and somehow it is all coming together. Pink Light Design will be showing approx. 700 pieces of artwork at Surtex this year. We have 4 artists working on new pieces and lots of great supporters! Thank goodness for wonderful friends, family, and understanding children! Things are coming along amazingly and I am excited for a wonderful and fun learning experience! 
I have started this blog with the intention of sending positive quotes, sayings, words of the day, and any type of inspiration to those who would like to find little gifts in their mailbox. I hope to attach an image to the inspirational text and I hope to bring a smile to your face and peace to your heart.  Here's to peace, love, abundance, and a successful show!!! 
Thank you to all who have supported me! There will be a gratitude party. It will be so fun!


  1. Mary Beth--

    Wow! You are truly someone who takes a dream and runs with it -- to decide to exhibit in December and be ready for the show in May. Good for you! I'll be there as well and will look for the "pink light" -- I look forward to saying hi.

    Tara Reed

  2. You amaze me. I am delighted that you have become such an outstanding, amazing young woman! Go Mary! <3 U Aunt Sandy