Friday, June 25, 2010

Artist Highlight-Jane Dixon

I am so so excited to have the lovely artist Jane Dixon as a Pink Light "guest" artist! Jane is such a pleasure to work with and I am always so happy to see her beautifully coordinated designs. I could tell the first time I chatted with Jane that she had a beautiful aura about her and she translates her positive energy into her bright, fun, unique patterns.

Joyful color, funky shape, and quirky line are the bits and pieces that make up Jane Dixon’s illustration and pattern collections. Inspiration is found mostly in nature, music, and everyday experience: simplified and twisted just enough to make a whimsical and stylish statement. Favorite subjects include florals, bugs, fish, and animals, city scenes, and culinary delights.

With a background and work experience in studio painting, graphic, and product design, Jane opened her own studio in the Chicago area in 2007. She designs for the stationery and greeting card, home d├ęcor, party, advertising, and publishing markets. Companies who’ve sought her designs are Target, Andover Fabrics, Solo Cup, DesignDesign, Carolina Pad and Paper, Wilton, Burnes Group, Great Arrow Graphics, and Scholastic Books.

Thanks for sharing your light with Pink Light Jane!

Shown here are a few of my favorites. All designs below are copyrighted by Jane Dixon. :) Enjoy!

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