Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday's Woman: Khristian A. Howell, Surface Designer and Photographer

I am so excited to feature my dear friend Khristian A. Howell as this Wednesday's successful business woman who is working it! I miss sitting 8 feet away from her at Nordstrom but I am so happy to see where she is now! Thanks to Khristian for being a constant source of inspiration for many!

Hi, I'm Khristian and I make surface patterns, take pictures, and eat lots and lots of olives.

Let’s keep it simple…I am determined to live each day doing what I love. Right now that includes surface design, graphic design, and photography. Some would call my love of French culture an obsession – I choose to call it passion. I could (and will soon) live the rest of my life eating olives along the Mediterranean and riding the trains of Europe.

Each day, each step in this adventure as a working artist, gets better and better, and I learn more about myself and how I see the world.

I just completed my first Surtex and I am still basking in the afterglow! The experience was so amazing, I could not capture it all in a blog recap. So spur of the moment, I wrote a book about it all! Confessions of a first timer is my way of addressing the roller coaster of emotions, second guessing, and just plain fear that anyone feels thinking about doing their first trade show. I also share a bit of how to and what I will do even better next year. Writing this book was truly cathartic for me. It also gave me great closure on one of the most challenging and rewarding times in my life. Completing it gave me clearance to move on to the next level in my business. I sincerely hope it will help anyone thinking about diving into Surtex or the Licensing Expo, the extra boost of confidence we all need.

Five things Khristian loves most in life and business:

1/ travel. especially paris.
2/ my wonderful, amazing, magnificent husband
3/ building my business with integrity and following my instincts.
4/ belly laughs with my best friends
5/ pink champagne

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