Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday's Woman: Mary Beth Freet, Pink Light Design Creative Director, Designer, and Agent

I was out of the office on Monday attending a CRAVE Seattle business event which was quite lovely. I really had no idea what to expect on Monday, other than that I was going to learn some great skills to improve my business. While I did learn and was also reminded of a few key elements for success, the biggest thing I learned is that I am a successful business woman who is working it! :)

I am going to be very candid here because there is really no other way to say it but that I truly believe that we can do anything and achieve anything that we are truly passionate about as long as we are listening with our hearts. With that being said, after our dreams become reality, in order to move to the next step, there is something that needs to happen internally which is called "expanding your mental equivalent". I have been struggling a bit since Surtex with the idea of "what's next?" and how to sort of "move into it". Part of expanding your mental equivalent is that you literally need to sort of "move your mind" into the place where you want to go next and to truly believe that it is possible. It is much different than the law of attraction which many people know about and practice. The law of attraction comes from the point of view that you "attract" things into your life that you think about or picture. The Law of Mental Equivalent is more about becoming or growing into the type of person you dream about and expanding your capacity to experience all that is Good in life. For example, if you want to go from point A to point F, then your mental equivalent should be in the range of point E to G. It would not be to your benefit to try to put your mental equivalent at Z, for example, unless it truly seemed within your mental capacity of believability. Think of point A as "I want to start my own business" and point Z as "I want to have 100 employees and be on the Fortune 500 list of best companies to work for". It would be to your benefit to set goals along the way, and as you reach each goal, adjust your mental equivalent so that you can more easily achieve the next one and the next one. It is crucial that your mental equivalent always be within a range that you feel is 100% possible. Then when you reach that goal, you can expand to the next level.

I have been taking a few weeks since Surtex to really think about a lot of these ideas and to sort out how to keep my original business intentions while continuing to expand my mental equivalent. Most of all, how can I move forward while always remaining grounded, balanced, and having complete humility. I'm sharing this process because I think it is quite intriguing from a business perspective.

With this all being said, what I have resolved is that yes, I am a successful business woman, it is ok to claim it, and most importantly, I will continue to let my hot Pink Light SHINE!! I will do this by sharing my knowledge and inspiring others to do what makes their heart sings. In order to do this humbly all I need do is remember where that light comes from. It is a reflection of everyone around me and all of the wonderful experiences I have had that have gotten me to this exact moment. With deepest gratitude to Tanya, Rachel, Andrea, Nancy, Danielle, Kanae, Rupa, Khristian, my mom, my grandma (my angel), Sandy, my family, and my two boys who teach me more than anyone else every day and who are the two reasons why I do what I do. May we teach them how to create beautiful lives for themselves.


  1. really great post MB! Perfect timing btw. There is def. a mental shift that needs to occur for me. Thanks for sharing a new tool that will get me going! :)

  2. I agree with Khristian. Great post! You are very inspiring Marybeth. I am so happy for you and your achievements.