Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Teen Talk with Maryah: Tie Dye Party

Last weekend my dance class came over to tye-dye t-shirts for our dance costumes, which will be for our dance recital in JUNE!!!!

Here is the LONG, creative process to making the most perfect, crazy tye-dyed shirts!!!!!

You start with Rubber band MANIA!!! I couldn’t BELIEVE how many rubber bands it took to make these crazy t-shirts! We found out that the thicker, stronger rubber bands worked best for this project!

There were 13 girls that came over to my house and we used over 300 rubber bands!!!

You can twist and turn your t-shirt in anydirection! When we tied our shirts up they looked super weird!! Several of them ended up looking like chickens, robots, and evenlooked like crazy little people!!!!!

Before you start the actual dying process you have to rinse your t-shirts in water. We had a huge pile of them as you saw above, so while the shirts were rinsing we thought this was a good time to have a pizza break!!!!

Let’s start tye-dying!!! Dip, drop, or pore… anything works!!!

WAIT!!! Wait for the dye to set in…… We found that if you let the dye sit longer the brighter the colors will be!

Untie the rubber bands, and rinse in cold water until water runs clear.

Look at your master piece!!!! (This is my dance instructor Sharnessa Sanden! She was the first one to rinse her shirt out and it turned out SO awesome!)

Wash EACH ITEM in cold water then dry in dryer or air dry.

THE FINISHED PRUODUCT!!!! They ALL look AMAZING, and each one turned out so different!!! Good job everyone!!!! I can’t wait to see how these will all look on stage at our performance!!!

*****My mom and I had a little trouble on this project I took us 4 try’s!! So make sure to use COLD water!!! And they may not look good all rolled up, but just wait…. They will look awesome when you are all done!!!!*****

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