Sunday, March 28, 2010

On a Mission

Hello to my loyal readers. This will probably be the longest blog I will ever write and I am just going to say what's on my mind and in my heart. When I made the "leap" to leave Nordstrom last June and start my own business, I had many goals. My mission statements are all over the back of my business cards and although I cannot say I'm perfect, these are just a few of the "missions" I intend to practice each day:

1/ Greet Each Day with love in your heart.
2/ Do what you love!
3/ Practice yoga daily
4/ Have Fun!
5/ Recycle
6/ Spend time with good friends often.
7/ Inspire!
8/ Smile!
9/ Laugh out loud. Repeat.
10/ Practice Gratitude.
11/ Let your light shine!
12/ Dance!
13/ Radiate Love!
14/ Enjoy Silence
15/ Pink Happy Thoughts Daily!
16/ Be the change you want to see in the world!
17/ Cultivate Peace.
18/ Spread Joy!
20/Take a Child under your wing.

If you haven't seen it...this is the back of my business card:

With that being said, I have the deep burning desire to combine my ABSOLUTE LOVE of DESIGN with my PASSION for being a positive role model for teens and young women. I have always been inspired by positive, successful business women and have always worked hard to do the best and be the best that I can be, every day. With that being said, one of my goals is to inspire young women to be successful doing what they want, being creative, as well as having a positive self image. The pressure to be "perfect" and look "perfect" can often overwhelm, I believe, many women and young girls. Particularly being in the fashion industry. One of my main focuses over the past few years has been to find a balance between eating healthy, exercising, and being happy with my curves. Although it would be nice to fit into the jeans that fit me last Summer, I am happy with my reflection in the mirror and I have definitely embraced my curves. They are mine and there is nobody else exactly like me! With that being said....Life is very interesting. As I have been thinking about finally taking a step toward fusing my love of design and my passion for inspiring young girls, I received a magazine named "KiKi" in the mail on Saturday. It is a magazine "for girls with style and substance." They actually have articles about designers, articles about starting your own blog and website (for young girls!!!) and about healthy body image issues in the issue that they sent me!! This is just another sign that I am following my heart and moving in the right direction.

We are starting this week with posts from Maryah, the daughter of my dear friend Maggie. Maryah is a beautiful, creative tween who also has a love of design and fashion. Our new Tuesday posts "Teen Talk" will be launched by Maryah! I am so excited to hear her point of view on design, fashion, life, and anything else she hopes to share with us! We will eventually be adding a number of other teen perspectives each Tuesday!

In addition to teen perspectives, Wednesdays topics will be "SUCCESS! Women who are working it!" and will be dedicated to sharing stories of successful business women and what makes them most happy about their mission and lives. My goal is to create a network that will link young girls and young women with positive, successful, business women role models. What fun this could be!

If you have a teen or successful business woman who you think would be a great person to add to our posts, please email me at

I am so excited about this as I know it is just the beginning. One of my goals I mentioned above when leaving Nordstrom was to do a card deck and/or book that has positive affirmations for teens regarding healthy body image issues. If you would like to collaborate with me on a project such as this, please email me at the address above. Here's what I'm thinking: any woman artist who has ever struggled with body image issues and would like to design or illustrate how they now embrace their body as well as add a positive affirmation to the design, let's chat! If I hear back from a number of women who would like to be involved, I will organize something official.

Thanks! Here's to healthy, happy, and successful girls and women everywhere!


  1. This is a great post MB. I'd love to be involved with the card deck having struggled with body issues for many years. As a flight attendant, having weight check and grooming check only added to those issues. I've finally gotten to a place where I don't have to weigh what I did when I was 25 to be okay and feel beautiful in my skin. Thanks for doing this for teens, they really get bombarded with images of super skinny, big breasted woman!

    diane t.