Sunday, March 28, 2010

Print and Pattern

My dear friend, Khristian Howell and I designed the following piece together which was published in Print and Pattern book! I haven't gotten my copy yet, but I am very excited to see it! But most of all, I'm excited to see Khristian in NY in May! She will be showing at Surtex in May for the first time and I am very excited for her! We used to see each other EVERY DAY and sit approximately 10 feet apart while designing at Nordstrom. It's been almost a year and we're a country apart! Here's to "Spending time with good friends MORE often!"

This piece was created for a business that Khristian and I had started together that didn't quite get off the ground. I know that as we are passionate about doing good in our world that we will find a way to work on a fabulously creative project in the future. As I must say...we were a bit of a dream team at Nordstrom....we managed to pull together some fab art like no other team I've seen. Seriously. :)


  1. Looking forward to meeting Khristian in NY. Love the piece above! Thanks for the Happy Pink Thoughts

  2. I got my book last weekend and saw this- loved it! Congrats!