Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tuesday Teen Talk: Introducing Maryah

Hey! My name is Maryah Kennedy.

I am 13 years old. Some of the ways that I love being creative are, dancing, photography, drawing with pastels and charcoal, and because I’m a girl I LOVE putting together fun and crazy outfits and probably try on at least 10 outfits a day!!! I am also excited that I am learning how to play the piano... BUT… I just don’t like to practice!!! J

I also love listening to all kinds of music. Some of my favorite artists are, Aly & AJ, Selena Gomez, Group 1 Crew and Demi Lovato… (Demi is one of my fashion icons… next to MaryBeth Freet of course! J)

One day I hope to travel the world! I want to go to Africa and work in a children’s orphanage, I also want to go to New York City to SHOP! Where I’ll be able to find my own clothing line in the stores on the rack! AND I want to go to LA or Hollywood California and audition for TV show (or a movie)… and GET the part!!!

The three things that make me happiest in my life are my family, my friends and volleyball! OH and if I could choose a fourth… TEXTING!!!

I took this picture at my grandma’s house last summer… I just LOVE PINK!!! So I am always taking pictures of pink… pink and more PINK!!!

Two more of my favorite things…. FLIP FLOPS and the BEACH… Let’s get something straight… I love the sandy part… NOT water part! J

These are my journals that I have made out of old magazines! This is my favorite thing to do in my spare time and I love making them with my friends. I also like to personalize them for my friends for their birthday parties!

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